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Harmonica Blues, Vol. 2

Année :
2 disques compacts
Contient :
Me Bebop Gal
Five Foot Three
Better Get Ready
Little Milton's Boogie
Blue Midnight
Santa Fe Blues
The Honeydripper
Hello Miss Jessie Lee
Take One More Chance With Me
Boogy Fool
A Woman on Every Street
Hoodoo Hoodoo
Harmonica Rhumba
Walkin' Talkin' Blues
Mercury Boogie
Love My Baby
Little Boy Blue
Baby, Let's Have Some Fun
Going to New Orleans
Pontiac Blues
Sad Hours
Mellow Chick Swing
Riding in the Moonlight
Wailin' Willie
Rambling Around My Blues
Mr. Downchild
Down South Blues
Stop Mess Around
Come Home and Go With Me
Now Tell Me Baby
Harmonica Boogie
Brazos Blues
Cadillac Blues
Man Around My Door
Jumpin' With Jarvis