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Alligator records

40th anniversary collection
Clearwater, Eddie (1935-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
King Corey Interprète, guit. & voc.
Lindell Eric Interprète, guit. & voc.
Smokin' Joe Kubek Interprète, guit. & voc.
Brooks, Lonnie (1933-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Grey J.J. Interprète, guit. & voc.
Castro, Tommy (1955-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Winter, Johnny (1944-2014) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Cotton James Interprète, guit. & voc.
Cray, Robert (1953-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Bishop, Elvin (1942-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Burks Michael 'Iron man' Interprète, guit. & voc.
Ellis John Interprète, guit. & voc.
Buddy Guy Interprète, guit. & voc.
Musselwhite, Charlie (1944-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Allison, Luther (1939-1997) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Guitar Shorty Interprète, guit. & voc.
Collins, Albert (1932-1993) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Mack, Lonnie (1941-....) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Buchanan, Roy (1939-1988) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Copeland, Johnny (1937-1997) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Seals, Son (1942-2004) Interprète, guit. & voc.
Vaughan, Stevie Ray (1954-1990) Interprète, guit. & voc.
McClinton Delbert Interprète, voc.
Montoya Coco Interprète, voc.
Harris, Corey (1969-....) Interprète, voc.
Staples, Mavis (1940-....) Interprète, voc.
Saffire Interprète, voc.
Magness Janiva Interprète, voc.
Taylor, Koko (1938-2009) Interprète, voc.
Ball Marcia Interprète, voc.
Webster Katie Interprète, voc.
Holmes Brothers (The) Interprète, ens. voc. & instr.
Roomful of Blues Interprète, ens. voc. & instr.
Mofro Interprète, ens. voc. & instr.
Little Smokey Smothers Interprète, ens. voc. & instr.
Junior Wells Interprète, hrmca. & voc.
Clarke William Interprète, hrmca. & voc.
Estrin, Rick Interprète, hrmca. & voc.
Buckwheat Zydeco Interprète, ens. instr
Nightcats (The) Interprète, ens. instr
Professor Longhair Interprète, p. & voc.
Osborne, Anders (1966-....) Interprète, p. & voc.
Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials Musicien, ens. voc. & instr.
Hound Dog Taylor Musicien, guit. & chant
Édition :
Année :
2 disques compacts (80, 80 min)
Contient :
Sitting At Home Alone
All The King's Horses
Going Down To The River
Mojo Boogie
Slipped, Tripped, and Fell In Love
A Good Leavin' Alone
Step Into The Light
Backup Plan
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
I'm A Woman
Echoes Of My Sins
Roll Your Moneymaker
Feed My Soul
Strange Feeling
Icicles In My Meatloaf
Daddy Pinocchio
With The Quickness
Fish Ain't Bitin'
The Party's Still Going On
It's My Own Tears
Two-fisted Mama
Where HWY 61 Runs
We The People
T-bone Shuffle
Have Blues, Will Travel
I Ain't Drunk
That's A Pretty Good Love
The Sun Is Shining Down
When The Levee Breaks
Going Home (Where Women Got meat On Their Bones)
Don't Take Advantage Of Me
Red Beans
Last Dirty Deal
Give Me My Coat And Shoes
Speak No Evil
It's A Drag
Double Whammy
I'm a woman
I ain't drunk
Strange feeling
Backup plan
Icicles in my meatloaf
We the people
The party's still going on
That's a pretty good love
Have blues, will travel
Going home (Where women got meat on their bones)
Give me my coat and shoes
Slipped, tripped and fell in love
Mojo boogie
Last dirty deal
Fish ain't bitin'
All the king's horses
Echoes of my sins
Double whammy
T-bone shuffle
Don't take advantage of me
A good leavin' alone
Sitting at home alone
Roll your moneymaker
With the quickness
It's my own tears
Red beans
Where hwy 61 runs
You can't judge a book by the cover
Step into the light
Speak no evil
It's a drag
Going down to the river
Feed my soul
Two-fisted mama
Daddy pinocchio
When the levee breaks
The sun is shining down
38 pépites de chez Alligator pour fêter les quarante ans du plus grand label de blues de Chicago ! Le tout remasterisé.